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A Timber Framed, River Home Entrance

Heirloom Timber Framing designed, hand-fashioned and installed this beautiful timber frame entrance for a home along the banks of the Hiwassee River in the Fires Creek recreational area just outside of Hayesville, North Carolina. Local builders Vic and Chris Coker incorporated the timber frame during the home’s recent renovation.

The owners wanted a grand focal point on the homes main entrance. After discussing options with their builder, the builder recommended touching base with us at Heirloom Timber Framing. We met with the owners to begin a conceptual drawing by placing their ideas into the design phase. After a few takes, this photo of our 3-D model displays the final design.


The post anchor system was hand-forged by local blacksmith John Zeigler at Critter Ridge Forge in the Brasstown area. The fun in creating its design was to properly secure the timber post to the stone piers while artistically celebrating the spirit of the trees. This simple but elegant detail brings the home’s entrance to life.





Our original conceptual design incorporated the infinity from the parking area into the timber frame. These photos give an idea of how this could have been showcased

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