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Bespoke Timber Frame Kits

mutiple species timber frameOur bespoke timber frame kit is the leading product in the industry. We use advanced design techniques such as three dimensional models to compliment our drawings. Our plans are easily engineered to meet structural codes and or peace of mind. The timber and joinery is manufactured by today’s state-of-the-art machining equipment technology. Each kit comes with the specific fasteners, plans and manuals to make the installation process seamless. Great care is taken to package and protect our kits during the freighting process.

A kit includes the following:

  • Timber frame design using 3d models and plans
  • Structural engineering if required or desired
  • Sawn and milled timber either high moisture content or dry
  • High quality placed mortise and tenon joinery
  • All necessary fasteners, plans and manuals for installation
  • Packaged for freight on pallets and covered with tarps

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Here are some common questions we get about our timber frame kits.

Why are your timber frame kits bespoke? ~ We don’t keep kits in stock, on the shelf and ready for sale. Each project is unique in it’s design, material and use as a structure thus we offer made to order kits. The state of the art manufacturing equipment we employ allows our bespoke kits to be easily competitive with on the shelf kits.

What is the turn around time for a kit? ~ Lead time will always depend upon the size of a project and wood species… Sawing the timber material from round logs to square stock can be one to two weeks. Milling the timber and placing the joinery can be one to five days. A day or two is typical for freight packaging.